Natural Health

Recommitting to Healthy Habits

I’ve gotten off track.

Natural health is something that started being really important to me a few years ago, and I was all in. I wanted to change everything, now. Homemade, organic, toxin free…toothpastes, body lotion, soaps, etc. It’s extremely hard to change everything in your life overnight but slow and steady I was on my way to an all natural life.

Life, got in the way. Not only have I stopped pursuing new natural lifestyle choices, I have also started backsliding with the things I have already changed.

Not only just changing things to all natural, I also have a lot of tiny habits I like having integrated into my day to day to benefit my health and well being. Things like drinking hot lemon water every morning and doing yoga before bed.

I want and need to get back into all my healthy habits, start using my natural products, and then go even further than I have before in this health journey. Every week, I’m going to talk about a healthy habit that I’m recommitting to practice on the daily. You can do this too. Just one small habit a day to integrate change into our lives. After awhile, we will all be perfect, right!?

(sorry, I was raised by a Virgo😂)

I’m going to start really easy.

Morning Lemon Water.

I seriously did this for years and years, I have no idea what caused me to become so lazy with it. Actually, I do. My love and need for coffee as soon as I wake up. But I know I can do this!

Personally, I just heat up some water in my teapot, squeeze the juice of ½ of a lemon into a huge mug, throw the lemon in there too, and top with hot water. I’ll usually add a splash of cold water on top so I can drink it right away.

This concoction never fails to make me feel great. Any kind of throat ache or cold is immediately soothed. It wakes you up in such a slow gentle way- not at all like the coffee jolt I enjoy- but it’s a nice start to any day. Bloating becomes a thing of the past, and as time goes on, sticking to this habit, your stomach naturally looks flatter and flatter. Seriously. Why am I not doing this?

I am now.

Are you?

Enjoy ❤ We’ll take another step next week!

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