How to Make Your Hair Color Last

Once upon a time, I had normal hair. Then one day in 2013 I stumbed across a picture of @myhairfixation on instagram with the MOST GORGEOUS pink hair I had ever seen. I had never even had the desire to have pink hair (in my adult life at least) until this point. I immediately made up my mind that this was happening. I found out exactly which pink she used, got my best friend to jump on the bandwagon and bleach her hair out with me, and the rest is history. Since then, my hair has mostly been pink, but I have a tendency to get bored and change it up- often. I have done most of the work myself, so after all these years, colors, and small tragedies, I think I can consider myself an expert. It hasn’t always been pretty…but it has always been fun. (Maybe not when chunks of my hair were falling out..)

>transition hair to exactly what I was dreaming of<

Now. Not everyone realizes that having bright hair, fantasy hair, whatever you want to call it…is a full time job. This takes a lot of time, money, and some questionable transition colors that you have to go out in public with. I’m in love with my hair, and think it is so worth it. Not everyone allows their life to be so disrupted in this way. Just be aware, some of these rules are harsh. But my hair is my love affair.

>I tried to put all these in order so you can see the ups, downs, darks, and brights, but honestly it’s hard to remember<

No more hot showers!

At least not for your hair! Cold water showers may not seem your idea of a good time, but by keeping the hair cuticle closed, your color is going to stay soo much longer. This might actually make the next one easier…

Stop washing your hair every day!

This is difficult for some people to do, but just trust me. After a couple of weeks, your scalp will adjust to not being dried out all the time and will stop producing so much oil. Until then, dry shampoo is your friend. This one smells sooo good.

Use a heat protectant!

Every time you use heat on your hair, it will start to fade. Using a product that is a heat protectant can help. Sprays are easy to use (just let your hair dry to about 50% first so it doesn’t get too diluted) and come in a range of price points. Current fav.

Use low heat settings!

When using a flat iron, curling iron, wand, etc, keep the temperature setting at or below 300 degrees. I’ve actually watched a video where someone takes a really hot flat iron, smooths it down the hair, and you can literally see the color coming out. It was traumatizing!

Air dry style your hair when possible!

You may have caught on by now that heat is not your friend when it comes to color preservation. Besides using a heat protectant and low heat settings, just avoid heat whenever you can. There are a lot of ways to air dry your hair which still gives you a style.. varying sizes of braids, pin curls, seriously, so many.

Use the correct shampoo and conditioner!

Please please please don’t spend all this money on getting your hair done just to wash it down the drain. Using a color safe shampoo and conditioner is so important. You want to give your hair what it needs without stripping it of what you want it to be.

That sounded strangely like relationship advice

Try a UV hairspray!

Unless you are someone who never goes outside in the light of day, this is such a helpful tip. You can actually mist your hair with SPF to protect it from fading in the sun! I personally like L’oreal Elnett but there are many options out there that will save your hair!

Adding color into your everyday routine!

A great option which I sometimes refer to as life changing, is using a conditioner that replenishes your color with every wash. In fact, this company’s slogan is, “no more cold showers”. Overtone is a company that will help you keep your hair bright and vibrant for a much longer period of time. They offer an every day conditioner and also a mask for a less frequent treatment. I have been using this brand for years, and am extremely happy with them. Other companies have come out with shampoos and even some other conditioner options, but have reviews that call them out as drying. As long as you don’t mind a minty smell, Overtone is for you. You can find this excellent brand, and get $10 off your first purchase, here.

>I decided to try this first pictures ‘deep roots’ but always end up back at pink<

All of this being said, the healthier your hair is, the better it looks, so take care of it! Always get regular trims and use conditioning masks. Now show me some pics of your bright hair!

>hair this year<

>…yes I was trying to dye a heart in my hair, and no, it didn’t work out 😅<




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