About Me

When I was little, the first thing I would do when left home alone would be to sneak into my parents room. Straight to the makeup drawer in the vanity. I remember opening every lipstick and just staring at it. I even remember the smell. Makeup has been my obsession since I can remember.
Jump to now, what do I do to relax? I literally lay in bed for hours and read beauty reviews. Makeup, Skincare, Haircare…this is the stuff that gets me excited. I already spend hours doing the research, I’m a wealth of knowledge on so many different things, I can’t keep all this to myself!
Anytime I hear anyone with a beauty complaint, I casually wait for a moment to jump in and help them. I want to fix everyone! This is a place where I am going to be able to do that.
That being said, I’m not one dimensional and I have a scattered array of passions. Expect all the beauty buzz to be sprinkled with travel, nature, astrology, and my original art. I doubt this will ever get boring, hopefully you enjoy!