I’m so excited that you’re here! Welcome to the new RacheleStMae, where I’m going to be sharing everything that inspires me. For me, that’s ALL things beauty related (even the weird stuff), bright art, inspiration for happiness, as much travel as possible and expect all of the above to be served with a twist of astrology…because I just can’t help it!

I’ve been living on the coast of South Carolina for the past decade or so, and have fallen completely in love with the southern beauty of this place. The trees, the marshes, the beach, I even love the hot summer air that gets so thick you can’t really breathe. It just makes me FEEL summer. There’s nothing like the feeling of walking outside in some short shorts after its dark out and just feeling the pulse of the air around you. Call me crazy, but it just makes me feel alive.


The beach is also a really huge part of why I love where I live. The sound of the waves traveling down the streets feels like vacation all the time. The fact that I can walk there and actually see it within a few minutes is something I couldn’t be more thankful for. It makes me feel better whenever I need a little pick me up.

So I love nature, I’m obsessed with beauty, but taking care of your soul is the really meaningful part here. There’s this great quote I’ve been spreading around lately, “make yourself happy and then celebrate when you see others doing the same.” This is so important. We shouldn’t need to judge other people’s lives or choices. We each get one life, and we get to choose how to spend it. Everyone has that right.

Everyone is on a journey that nobody else can understand. Stop worrying about what other people are doing! Just make yourself a happy life! It then becomes so much easier to be full of good energy and spread around your good vibes to help others achieve their own happiness.

I want you to smile all the time.

Glow with good vibes, go own this day!


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